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             Financial Planning for Women 

As a Registered Financial Consultant Tony specializes in helping the self employed structure and obtain financing. Tony has a broad depth of experience in financial planning, debt management, and helping business owners make smart choices about their corporate finances. 

Tony started his career in financial services in 1982 after serving in the Navy. When

he saw how different things were for the self employed, Tony decided he wanted to help the self employed with their finances. Its easy to become frustrated and overwhelmed when circumstances change and you're needing to raise capital for the first time. The complexity of valuing the assets most self employed accumulate while building their businesses, and the difficulty of negotiating their debt and capital needs, can make things especially stressful. Ultimately when borrowing as a self employed entity you must take into consideration your presentation, your taxes, and the impact they will have both now and in the future. 

Tony will assist and act as a financial consultant to negotiate financial transactions involving debt or equity, and work with their attorney or tax adviser on strategies to 

present your financial situation, in the best possible way. What we do is far more extensive then the services of a typical mortgage broker or banker. Tony has a an extensive financial background as a property owner, investor, and contract negotiator. These skills are useful when clients need help with a strategy going forward.